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Combined semifinal entries from BW v LW and DK v AM. Column on far left denotes HRs hit for winning and losing teams, respectively. Column on far right denotes final score.

DK sweeps AM 3-0.

Dennis Kim overwhelms Amir Massih in a 3 game sweep in the best-of-five semifinal round. Handily defeating AM with in Games 1 & 2, by the scores of 8-3, 5-3, DK marched off to a commanding 2-luv lead playing DT over MN.

Switching teams in Game 3 did not change AM's fortunes. DK playing MN, Bert Blyleven shutout the formidable DT lineup, 4-0. DK advances to the finals.

  • Game 1 DT def MN (8-3) DK
  • Game 2 DT def MN (5-3) DK
  • Game 3 MN def DT (4-0) DK wins series!

  • Amir congratulates Dennis for his Game 3 victory and completing the sweep

    BW advances to Finals, defeating LW 3 games to 2.

    Using a dominating 9-0 victory in a deciding Game 5, Brandon Wright catapaults into the Hammer of the Gods Finals for the third consecutive time. In an elimination game that proved to be a one-sided affair, NY beat up on an unsually quiet SL lineup, and Laurence Witschi relinquishes his crown as the Hammer of the Gods Champ.

    In a match-up that featured NY and SL, the Cardinals did not win a single game in the series. Each opponent won their respective games playing with the NY Mets.

    Tying the series at 2-2 with a 2-1 win playing NY over SL in Game 4, Witschi put himself in the position to defend his title by forcing a Game 5. But BW's 4 home runs in Game 5 proved too much for the defending champion. Wright advances to the Finals to face off with DK.

  • Game 1 NY def SL (5-1) BW (14 inn)
  • Game 2 NY def SL (3-1) BW
  • Game 3 NY def SL (6-0) LW
  • Game 4 NY def SL (2-1) LW
  • Game 5 NY def SL (9-0) BW wins series!

  • Brandon raises his fist in triumph after belting another home run in his Game 5 victory over Laurence.

    DK plays BW for the Hammer of the Gods Trophy.

    DK defeats BW in Hammer of the Gods Finals.

    In a controversial Game 5 finish, in which the power of the Nintendo went out in the bottom of the 11th, right before the winning run was to cross the plate, Dennis Kim prevails with a 4 games to 1 championship victory versus Brandon Wright. Despite protests from the Wright camp, disputing the validity of the final score, the majority decision ruled in favor of DK. The winning run would have scored had the power not inadvertanly been shut down. (The captures to the right show BW dropping his controller right before the power outage, which effectively concedes the game, since there would be no way to throw any runners out without the controller).

    Reggie Jackson hit a grand-slam in the top of the 11th of Game 3, that put the Angels ahdead of the Tiger 5-1 and put DK ahead 2 games to 1. DK took Game 4 by and identical score 5-1, hitting 4 home runs with CA.

    Game 5 was a close one throughout. The bullpen proved to be crucial for Kim, since he had King throwing at 60 mph in the 10th & 11th, where BW Corbett dipped down into the 40s. The lack of velocity would cost BW the game in the 11th.

  • Game 1 DT def CA (4-2) DK
  • Game 2 CA def DT (5-2) BW
  • Game 3 CA def DT (5-1) DK (11 inn)
  • Game 4 CA def DT (5-1) DK
  • Game 5 DT def CA (5-4) DK wins series and Hammer of the Gods Cup! (11 inn)

  • Dennis Kim wins his third Hammer of the Gods Cup

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