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& SUNNYVALE, CA 2/02/02-2/03/02

Brandon Wright and Amir Massih sqaure off in the semifinals.

BW defeats AM 3-1, in 2-02-02 Semifinal Round

Brandon Wright advances to the finals by defeating Amir Massih 3 games to 1, in the best-of-five seminfinal round. BW took Game 1, playing MN in a slim 2-1 victory over CA. AM came back to even the series in Game 2, blasting 5 solo home runs with CA, winning 5-2.

BW took the crucial Game 3 by a score of 4-2, playing CA over MN. Then in a 14 inning battle, in Game 4, BW managed to squeak by AM by a score of 5-4, winning with CA again to advance into the Hammer of the Gods Finals.

  • Game 1 MN def CA (2-1) BW
  • Game 2 CA def MN (5-2) AM
  • Game 3 CA def MN (4-2) BW
  • Game 4 CA def MN (5-4) BW wins series! (14 inn)
  • 2-2-02-ledge-semis-lw-dk
    dksneaksstrike d_jumps_up_4 d_jumps_up_3
    Laurence and Dennis play in semis.

    Witschi defeats Kim 3-1 to advance to Finals

    Laurence Witschi moves on to face Brandon Wright for the Hammer of the Gods Championship, after beating Dennis Kim 3-1 in the best-of-five game semifinal. Witschi quickly took a 2 games to none lead, with 2-1 and 8-3 victories with CA over SL. DK came back in Game 3 with a 5-1 win, CA over SL.

    But in Game 4, with the game scoreless, Jim Lindeman came through with a 2-run homer off of starter Mike Witt in the top of 6th inning for Witshci. And that was all LW would need to close out the series with a 2-0 victory (SL over CA).

  • Game 1 CA def SL (2-1) LW
  • Game 2 CA def SL (8-3) LW
  • Game 3 CA def SL (5-1) DK
  • Game 4 SL def CA (2-0) LW wins series!
  • brandon_laurence_choose.jpg
    Brandon and Laurence choose teams.
    BW plays LW

    LW prevails over BW 4-1 to win Championship Cup for the 2nd time!

    Laurence Witschi wins the Hammer of the Gods Trophy for the second time since 2000. In a best-of-seven final round vs Brandon Wright, LW came up with some dramatic finishes to take the series and the crown, 4 games to 1.

    Ahead 2 games to none, Witschi was down 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth in Game 3 playing SL. BW was unable to close it out with Reardon on the mound for MN, and LW mounted a comeback to tie up the game and send it to extra innings. Then in the bottom of the 14th, after an intentional walk to put Jack Clark on first, Wille McGee hit a 0-1 pitch out into the right field bleachers for a walk-off home run to win the game. (See "Game 3" in the AVI page)

    BW managed to take Game 4, (3-0) playing MN over SL. But in Game 5, Kent Hrbek hit a top of the ninth solo shot that held up for the 1-0 victory, giving LW his second Hammer of the Gods Cup.

  • Game 1 MN def SL (3-0) LW
  • Game 2 MN def SL (3-2) LW
  • Game 3 SL def MN (5-4) LW (14 inn)
  • Game 4 MN def SL (3-0) BW
  • Game 5 MN def SL (1-0) LW wins series and Hammer of the Gods Cup!
  • LW v BW in finals
    Laurence plays Brandon for the championship.
    LW ties up ninth
    LW ties BW in bottom of ninth in Game 3.
    BW disappointment
    Brandon reacts after giving up HR in the bottom of 14th.

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