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L & B play
Laurence and Brandon square off during a non-playoff game.

Anna waits her turn.

Dennis kisses the cup.
Dennis kisses the cup.

Round Robin Rounds in Campbell,CA 1/27/01

LW gets top seed and First Round Bye
Without the 4th player in 2001's Hammer of the Gods Tournament, a round robin round between the 3 players determined the seedings and most importantly, the first-round bye. Best record in the round robin gets the top-seed and the first round bye.

Laurence Withschi easily dominated the pre-playoff competition. Winning 13 out of 19 games for a whopping .684 Winning Pct. LW heads into the final rounds for the second year in a row in confident stride.

Here are the following records and seedings:

  1. LW 13-6 .684%
  2. DK 10-8 .555%
  3. BW 4-13 .235%

LW went on a tear winning 7-in-a-row, including 4 extra inning games during that stretch. In head-to-head matchups, LW beat BW 7 out of 9 times and beat DK 6 out of 10 times.

LW plays BW in round robin round
LW wins 7-in-a-row, on his way to a 13-6 round-robin round.

Semifinal Round in Sunnyvale, CA 1/28/01

DK sweeps BW 3-0
Dennis Kim runs away with the semifinal round in a sweep of Brandon Wright, 3-love.

In a California vs. NY matchup, DK outscored BW 12-4 in 3 games. DK's pitching presented problems to BW's usually trusty bats. A combined 3-game ERA of 1.33 helped to propel DK into the final round for the second year in a row.

Despite hitting 3 home runs in Game 2, BW was still not able to overcome a 5-3 vitory by Dennis.

  • Game 1 CA vs NY (4-0) DK
  • Game 2 NY vs CA (5-3) DK
  • Game 3 CA vs NY (3-1) DK

  • Finals in Sunnyvale 1/28/01

    With a sour look on his face, LW hands over the Cup to the new champion.
    DK defeats LW in Finals 4-1
    In an eagerly anticipated rematch of 2000's Hammer of the Gods Finals, Dennis Kim this time prevails.

  • Game 1 SL vs BO (4-2)
  • Game 2 BO vs SL (5-2) DK
  • Game 3 BO vs SL (4-3 in 11 innings) LW
  • Game 4 BO vs SL (2-0) DK
  • Game 5 SL vs BO (3-1) DK

    DK tosses a shut-out in Game 4 to put him up 3-1 in the best of seven series. A combined ERA of 1.80 over 5 games diminshed the power hitting sytle of LW.

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